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Works in Progress! Wednesday

Got several things in the works this week. One thing that I am absolutely over the moon about is my peg board. It has already freed up tons of space in my studio, and also has allowed me to make the whole place a lot neater. I'm in love with it. What's even better is that now so many of the tools I use regularly are right next to my little work table and sewing machine. Which means with my long arms I can just reach over and grab pretty much whatever I need without getting off of my tookis! (Of course I know I am supposed to stand up at least 32 times a day, but I'm pretty sure I'm already doing twice that so a little sitting is not so bad.)

It's so organized! And now my threads are right next to me! I am so thrilled. The idea came from Cristy over at Love You Sew on one of her posts a while back. I liked it, so I got the peg board, painted it - and it sat for months outside. Then I put it up and it was empty for months. finally last week my husband and I were at Home Depot and I got a bunch of hooks, etc., and organization was born. Before all that stuff was tucked away in my closet or on shelves across the room. Now it's all right here! Again, I'm completely excited about it, in case you can't tell. Thanks, Cristy, for the idea. It really rocks!

Of course I will be tweaking it for a while, I'm sure. I love that I still have more space, too. Who knows what gadget or gizmo will be up on the wall soon. Organization makes me happy.

Next I'm working on a baby blanket. I made way too many iterations of this quilt on EQ7 before I finally decided how I was going make it. But I figure it's all about experience, and I have definitely become more experienced as a result. Here is the first block for the quilt, which I'm calling "Try This, Baby."

Kind of edgy but I think in the end it's going to be quite cool.

It's for my cousin Art's baby. It will look kind of like a labyrinth when it's completed. I finally settled on a design that just uses this block over and over. It's pretty big, eighteen inches, so I only have to make nine of them. They're fun to make, though. (I may be a weirdo, but I love making HST's and HRT's!)

I'm almost finished with my quilt for my nephew's tyke, too. it. I actually got it sandwiched and completely quilted yesterday BEFORE I realized I had done a little boo boo and forgotten to add the strips on the sides...and the top! So I'm basically having to add them with a skinny strip of batting now, at the end. (Heavy sigh). But at least it's fixable, albeit a PIA. And it just doesn't look right without those side strips, see:

I've made worse mistakes, so I'm not too fussed about this one.

I must admit I feel like I'm finally back in the swing of creativity and I'm so excited to get up every day and get going. Yeah, there's still a lot going on in real life, but at least now I actually have good chunks of time to create again, I'm trying to be balanced, though - to make sure I give myself time to do other things. It's amazing to me how strong the pull to make, make, make is, however. I still feel like I'm very easily sucked into the vortex of creating very easily. But I'm also feeling lots of gratitude for the joy of creativity.

I'm so excited that soon I'm going to be doing a QAL! Stay tuned for more information, okay?

Linking up with Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts, WIP Wednesday. Excited to be inspired by my fellow makers!


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