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Bobbing Along

So I have three baby quilts to finish before September. That's correct - three members of my family are pregnant and all are having their babies in September! My niece, Meghann is expecting her second child (girl). Her brother Russell and his wife are expecting their first child (boy) and my cousin, Art and his girlfriend are expecting their first child (boy) too! It's kind of crazy, isn't it? But I'm actually kind of thrilled to be able to give them each a special piece, made just for them. It's a great way to welcome a baby into the world, I think.

I have already started on the first two. Lexi, Russell's wife, saw a quilt on Pinterest that exactly matched the colors in her baby room and asked me If I could make it for her. Luckily I recognized the pattern as one being by Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew called Pow Wow, and I was even able to get some of the exact same fabrics that were shown in the photo, although I never did figure out who actually made the thing...Here is that quilt top, all finished.

I made a lap sized quilt, because I figure this can grow with the baby and besides, I really enjoyed making those chevrons and the fabrics are so great and oh well, I just went overboard, okay? Hopefully she won't mind that it's not baby-sized.

The second I made in a Quilt-A-Long from the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland - it'a a Rainbow Rose Quilt. I used Blueberry Park fabrics, and I have to say, I'm pretty nuts about how it turned out.

I'm kind of so crazy about this one that I think I may have to make another one. It came together really quickly and I sort of want to experiment with the colors. I'm not actually supposed to be done with it, yet - as usual, I didn't follow the directions. I saw how it was supposed to go together and so I did it and then I read the directions. Oh well. I also added the little squares around it - It's so sweet, isn't it? Perfect for little Adalyn Mae (that's her name). Of course my husband pointed out to me how all the sides except the left one have fourteen squares (as if I hadn't already noticed it, but I was kind of hoping no one else would. Fat chance. Now I HAVE to fix it - I was kind of on the fence.)

The third one is for my cousin Art. Fortuitously, he's having a boy. I say that because it turns out that in the making of the quilt for Beckett, my nephew's little boy, there are literally over a hundred little HST's left over. So I went on EQ7 and started playing. This is the design I came up with for his quilt.

It's kind of edgy, I know. But they live in San Francisco so they are kind of edgy people. I like it - it's funky. And I love making HRT's, so that will be fun. It will look softer in fabric, too. so I'm pretty sure they are going to love it. I think I am going to love it, too.

I've got several quilt tops finished that need to be quilted too - one is a queen sized one for my bed. most of my readers have seen it before. I love it but quilting it is a little intimidating. There's so much white space. I wish someone would volunteer to do it for me - any takers?

Yikes, it scares me. I don't want it too heavily done as it's a bed quilt, but on the other hand I really want to enhance the piece with the quilting. Like I said, scary.

And there's this fun piece. I know exactly what I'm going to do with it, so I'm excited about ti. I just have to sandwich it and get moving.

I also have a charity quilt top finished that needs to be quilted. I also know how I want to quilt that one,

But I must say I am feeling pretty joyful to be able to focus on art again. There are so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I wonder if it's going to explode. Don't mind if it does as long as it explodes in finished art. I'm trying to keep everything balanced, though. I can easily get too wrapped up in art to the exclusion of all other things. I have some goals I'm setting for the year (again) and hopefully I can get moving on them now that the VRBO is up and running. By the way, I'm posting from a new venue. I hope Bloglovin' follows me over here...Just in case I'm gonna go back to my old blogspot and tell everyone. I'm no technological whiz, so it's gonna take me a little time to get this all set up correctly, I'm guessing. Hope I see you soon.

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