WIP Wednesday

August 18, 2016


Naturally I have several unfinished projects.  But I decided I really needed to work on my son's graduation quilt if I was ever going to actually finish it.  And believe me, the jury was out on it for a while.  It's quite an intense quilt.  I don't even want to think about how many hours have been spent on this piece - let's just say I love my son a LOT!  I started it before he graduated in June 2015 and of course now it's August 2016 and I'm not quite finished with the top, although I'm elated to say: The hard part (piecing) is DONE!  WOO HOO!


And I'm glad I did finish it, because I like it.  Which is a good thing when one has spent so very much time on something.  And yes, finished is a relative term - I still have some tweaking to do and a few additions, but really, that paper piecing of those airplanes was nuts!.  And made even more so because I hand-drew the templates, which meant they were totally imperfect, but whatever.  i got 'er done, that's what matters.  


It's funny, I was reading what Amy Garro at 13 Spools had to say about copyrights, derivatives, etc. in response to the Modern Quilt Guild's post about said things, and as I writing my response to her, this quilt popped into my head.  I realized that it was, in fact, a derivative of her Icy Waters piece, which I had not connected before.  I had not connected it because when I "got" the idea for this piece, I was sitting with my sister-in-law, talking to her about trying to come up with a great idea for a quilt for Jonas, and suddenly I just started drawing, and this is pretty much what I drew.  And yeah, I thought it was my own idea, and it was, sort of.  But clearly we are influenced by so many different things that we see.  I want to give Amy a big shout out - she really is an inspiring and amazing designer.  I pretty much love everything she does.  Thanks for sharing, Amy.  You rock!


I'm also finishing off my little table runner that I call "Eggs."  I don't have a photo, but I'll share it when it's finished.  It was a whim, and I've had fun doing it.  I'm also finishing my improv piece with all the half-square triangles leftover from another project.  I'm doing a kind of straight line thing on it, switching thread colors, which as everyone knows, is a pain.  Funny thing is, I'm not sure it was really necessary - that it's making all that much difference.  What do you think?



Actually I know what you are thinking - it was a waste of time to change thread colors - it simply does not show up!  Aw well.  Live and learn.   Oh Well.  I must say that I am amazed by how difficult a time I've had with the straight lines - even using the walking foot with the guide I have had to backtrack and fix.  A lot.  And it's still imperfect. Annoying? Rather, but I'm really very very nearly done, just a few more lines and some FMQing, but hungry tummies were calling so I needed to make dinner.  I will finish it tonight.  Haven't decided on the binding - think I'm just going with a white binding - I'm not sure I need to add any more elements to this piece.  I really am a minimalist at heart, I guess.  I have started not one new project, like I said I wouldn't, until I finished all the WIP's I had.  Now I am almost done with them, so I'm percolating, percolating - what do I want to make next?  What a fun thing to contemplate!  I do so love to create new things.  Enough of all that - gotta get this finished so I can hook up with lovely Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts for WIP Wednesday.  See y'all in cyber space..


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