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WIP Wednesday and other stuff.

(This is not a current project, it's just a photo to share. I made this about four years or so ago. I was really into the 3D stuff. I call this Color Block 2, because I made a similar one before that. I'm just sharing it to have a photo to show. It's funny, but I feel like I should make this again - my skills have really improved in the last few years. But I still like it. it's fun.)

It's Wednesday and I'm here in Prescott Arizona visiting my son. We got him a house out here to live in while he's in school and we came up to do a little work on it. The plan was to hike every day up here, because there is some really beautiful country around here, but I ended up bing sick so I have not hiked once. I did manage to get a little "yard" work done - it's amazing how even in a rock garden, lots of things grow - especially things you don't want to grow, like big ugly weeds.

Speaking of which, I can't believe the beautiful gardens people have here in the high desert. It goes to show you how creative people can be, even when there is little water. It's really quite lovely around here. And I realize that lots of things do grow here, even at the altitude of 5400 feet, which is the altitude of the house. Even roses! The thing that people don't do here is grass lawns, for obvious reasons. But they are beautiful, nonetheless.

I've been using my sick time to work on my EQ7 and learning how to draw on iDraw. I feel like I have most of the basic skills, but there is much much more to learn. It's funny, though. I still need to draw my ideas first on paper, no matter what. Not sure why. Most of my ideas aren't regular squares, I think that's why. Haven't learned how to do irregular shapes yet. But I'll get there.

And speaking of ideas. I have a bunch of beautiful, lovely Allison Glass fabric that I just cannot come up with an idea for. I usually start with an idea and then choose fabrics, but I really want to use these for a bed quilt on my bed, and maybe I'm trying to make the thing too special, but I am really stumped. Last night I came up with a sort of idea, though. I really want to use those fabrics - they make me so happy but they should not be hidden away in a project bin. I need to GET ON IT!. It's a terrible waste of beauty! Maybe I shouldn't try to be original here - I should just find a pattern and use it. I'm sure into triangles at the moment, so maybe I should start doing something triangular and see where it leads me. I must say that I love everything Allison Glass creates - I believe I could have an entire studio full of her fabrics. She's been sharing stuff on IG from her catalog and I love it all!

As for WIP's for me it's the same old, same old. I am working on the baby quilts. Got the chevron one completed, and have about half of the labyrinth one done as well. Just gotta get home to my machine so I can work on the Rainbow Rose onej

So I forgot my phone at home on this trip - hard to believe that anyone would do that! It's been a bit of a trial, I must say. I haven't been able to take one picture. Of course my husband has his, but he hasn't taken any either. So I don't really have a photo to show. I'll dig something up, just 'cause everyone loves photos. Here's a piece I made a few years ago:

It was from scraps of another piece.. That wonderful collection by Carrie Bloomston (I can't remember what it's called but I made three pieces with it. I call this one "Objects on the Bookshelf." I would make more stuff out of this fabric if I had any more. I really love the vibe and the colors in it.

Going to join WIP Wednesday over at Sew Fresh. See y'all there...

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