My family went to Lake Tahoe in California in August. I hadn't been there in quite a few years, and boy has it changed. There are parts of it that are so built up and resort-y, it almost breaks my heart. However, with their usual forward-thinking, the Californians saw this coming, and there is still plenty of protected wilderness out there, thank goodness. (One of the things I still miss terribly about California is how there are parks and open spaces everywhere. Even in the middle of the Bay Area, there are parks to hike and hang out in where one would never even know one was smack-dab in the middle of a city. ) Wish the same could be said of Texas. The parks here are bulging with peop

The Very Large Quilt (Or:How I Finally Quit Hoarding and Actually Used My Allison Glass Fabrics)

I've been planning to put a new quilt on my bed for at least three years. The one I had before was literally eaten by the sun and it's so faded the original colors are unrecognizable. Still, a queen sized bed quilt is rather a pain to make and even more daunting to quilt. Plus, I had exactly ZERO inspiration. So I just quit trying to come up with an idea. Until I made the Shadow Box Quilt. Originally it was supposed to be a wall hanging, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger until it was huge and that's when I decided to put it on my bed. I think I finished it about a year and a half ago. I like this quilt, and I had it about 2/3 of the way quilted (see photo above) when I got an

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Hello again. It's me, Carrie aka the zen quilter! It’s been quite a while since my last blog. I think maybe I wrote after the election (which I still cannot talk about!) But I can't remember writing anything since then. So first, I apologize to those of you who actually read and followed my blog regularly. The truth is, I just gave up. It seemed like there were so many people out there who were just starting blogs and having so much more success than I, who had been blogging for years, that I got disheartened and busy and I just quit writing. Also, I sort of lost my creative mojo for a while. I did make quite a few pieces last year, just not many compared to my usual productivity. I

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