New Project/Thoughts on Originality

It's Wednesday and I absolutely intended to post a blog today but here it is, 9:15 pm and no blogging has been done. That's because of my new project. I have had the idea for quite some time, but I was not allowing myself to start anything new when I had so many old projects to finish up. You may be wondering, then if I have finished all my old projects. The answer is OF COURSE NOT! But I did finish some of them, so I allowed myself a little treat. I think I starved myself too long, though, because I am completely obsessed with it. I worked on it all day, despite having many other things I should have been doing. Like taking a walk - I mean, we have had eight inches of rain in the las

WIP Wednesday

Naturally I have several unfinished projects. But I decided I really needed to work on my son's graduation quilt if I was ever going to actually finish it. And believe me, the jury was out on it for a while. It's quite an intense quilt. I don't even want to think about how many hours have been spent on this piece - let's just say I love my son a LOT! I started it before he graduated in June 2015 and of course now it's August 2016 and I'm not quite finished with the top, although I'm elated to say: The hard part (piecing) is DONE! WOO HOO! And I'm glad I did finish it, because I like it. Which is a good thing when one has spent so very much time on something. And yes, finished is a re

One Lovely Blog, and More

Thanks to my two blogging friends, Katrin at Puppilalla and Lisa J. at Sunlight in Winter, for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Blogging has led to so many wonderful things; making new friends, inspiration - there's no end of it in the blogging community; learning - not just new skills but even technical things like how to put a button on a blog or how to use html! The thing I love almost about blogging is the support that people give each other. I've always said that quilters are such a lovely bunch of people - generous, fun, creative, and most of all encouraging. Quilters put a lot of good karma out in the world, of that I am certain. And the Lovely Blog Award is just

My first Color Play Friday (Crocus) ever (and the winner of the orange bundle, too!)

I'm feeling rather proud right now as I figured out (sort of) how to participate in Color Play Friday, hosted by Lorinda of Laurel, Poppy and Pine and Trina of In An Otter Life. For me this is an accomplishment, because i readily admit that I am technologically challenged, and I have little (okay, none) patience with it. Because I can't explain to it wit I want it to do - I have to speak it's language. And I just don't speak techno-talk, apparently. But this time, I did it! Whoopee! So without further ado, here is my take on this week's photo: The Fabrics: It was really difficult to find the correct purple. I finally thought of the magnificent Marcia Derse and "viola" she had several p

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