Weird Color Combo, A Giveaway and Other Random Thoughts

Finally I have gotten around to choosing fabrics for the 2016 Meadow Mystery QAL. It kept slipping my mind until today. The moment it crossed my mind, I marched myself up to my studio and began to dig. Which led to cleaning out of a couple of bins, which led to other activities, but the main thing is I have chosen my fabrics! Hooray. Here they are: Yes, they are perhaps a bit odd. Or shall I say unusual. I got the hand-dyed fabric a while back on a whim. Then when I was reading the directions for the Meadow Mystery Quilt, I decided to see if I had some coordinating fabrics for it, and sure as shootin' I did! So all that was left was the background. It's hard to tell from the photo

WIP Wednesday and other stuff.

(This is not a current project, it's just a photo to share. I made this about four years or so ago. I was really into the 3D stuff. I call this Color Block 2, because I made a similar one before that. I'm just sharing it to have a photo to show. It's funny, but I feel like I should make this again - my skills have really improved in the last few years. But I still like it. it's fun.) It's Wednesday and I'm here in Prescott Arizona visiting my son. We got him a house out here to live in while he's in school and we came up to do a little work on it. The plan was to hike every day up here, because there is some really beautiful country around here, but I ended up bing sick so I have not

Works in Progress! Wednesday

Got several things in the works this week. One thing that I am absolutely over the moon about is my peg board. It has already freed up tons of space in my studio, and also has allowed me to make the whole place a lot neater. I'm in love with it. What's even better is that now so many of the tools I use regularly are right next to my little work table and sewing machine. Which means with my long arms I can just reach over and grab pretty much whatever I need without getting off of my tookis! (Of course I know I am supposed to stand up at least 32 times a day, but I'm pretty sure I'm already doing twice that so a little sitting is not so bad.) It's so organized! And now my threads are r

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