Bobbing Along

So I have three baby quilts to finish before September. That's correct - three members of my family are pregnant and all are having their babies in September! My niece, Meghann is expecting her second child (girl). Her brother Russell and his wife are expecting their first child (boy) and my cousin, Art and his girlfriend are expecting their first child (boy) too! It's kind of crazy, isn't it? But I'm actually kind of thrilled to be able to give them each a special piece, made just for them. It's a great way to welcome a baby into the world, I think. I have already started on the first two. Lexi, Russell's wife, saw a quilt on Pinterest that exactly matched the colors in her baby room

Help! I can't decide

Decided to participate in my first ever quilt-a-long, but I'm only just today getting to the fabric pull and tomorrow is the second week - better get on it. Been super busy, but happily busy making pillows for my vacation rental house. (I will post them tomorrow). But I really want to participate in the Rainbow Rose Quilt-a-Long sponsored by the MQG-Ireland. Why? No idea, really, it just looks like fun. I happen to have a lot of rainbow scraps, too, which is fun. I have enough to make two different rainbows, in fact. And I can't decide which one to use. Of course, if I really thought about it, I could come up with a third stack - somewhere between the two - somebody stop me, please

Not Back to Normal Yet

Abnormal may be my new normal. I just can't believe how long it's been since I can plan how my day is going to go. Today, though, I was rather selfish and didn't do much except sew, so that is unusual. I finally finished my 21st Century Atomic Art piece. I even photographed it in an artsy way. Wilbur and Cosmo wanted to get in on the action, too. Because the air is so full of moisture, there is a haze that I didn't know how to deal with, so I left it in. I don't mind it, really - I'm quite grateful for all the rain - the grass is green and today the temperature didn't get above 75. On June 1st! Wow, unheard of in these parts. I decided to make my life more difficult and piece the bind

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